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Events   |   15 Jul 2022

Profitable Grazing Systems – training packages availab...

Thomas Elder Consulting is proud to partner with Meat and Livestock Australia to provide you with training on Profitable Grazing...

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Projects   |   31 May 2022

Building more sustainable horticultural businesses

Helping farmers, owners and shareholders to build more sustainable horticultural businesses lies at the heart of Chris McClarron’s work at...

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Ag Tech   |   28 Apr 2022

Regenerative agriculture explained

Regenerative agriculture is not the sole-preserve of organic or bio-dynamics – evidence based science is key says Peter Spies. A...

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Consultant Profiles   |   4 Apr 2022

Chris McClarron

Chris has over 25 years’ experience, centred around root crops, predominantly potatoes, gained while working with numerous crops, soils, climates...

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Innovation   |   2 Dec 2021

Understanding genomics

Genomics is increasingly becoming another decision making tool for cattle producers. There has been incredible progress and promising adoption rates...

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Testimonials   |   20 Oct 2021

Expert advice the key to business success

Sam Chapman and his extended family run Murray Eden Avocados near Barham in southern New South Wales. The area around...

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Carbon farming   |   22 Jun 2021

How to increase soil carbon

With the implementation of applied biology and increasing or changing to more deep-rooted perennial grasses and legumes, it’s possible to...

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Carbon farming   |   22 Jun 2021

Carbon farming practicalities

There is money to be made in carbon farming but claiming carbon credits is only the icing on the cake...

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Carbon farming   |   22 Jun 2021

Soil carbon projects that cut out the middleman

Building carbon-rich soil improves the productivity, profitability and resilience of your property – and you can be paid for it....

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Technical Documents   |   6 Jun 2021

How to make stylo a weight-gain star

The right choice of legume can add a vital extra 20 to 30kg liveweight gain a year to store cattle,...

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Technical Documents   |   22 Apr 2021

Dealing with pasture dieback

An outbreak of pasture dieback is spreading across eastern Queensland. Thomas Elder Consulting specialist agronomist Peter Spies explores possible causes...

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Technical Documents   |   23 Mar 2021

Queensland’s new reef regulations – what you need to know

You’d be hard pressed finding a Queensland farmer who doesn’t love the Great Barrier Reef. It’s a symbol of sorts – grand,...

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