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Chris has been involved in agriculture since a young age and has always focused on gaining knowledge and experience in different aspects, from growing a crop to using new innovative technologies and concepts to find solutions to ongoing problems.

Chris has over 25 years’ experience, centred around root crops, predominantly potatoes, gained while working with numerous crops, soils, climates and growers in various countries and growing environments.

He has worked for both big multinationals as well as independently and on small farms, in the UK, across Europe, Israel and Australia.

“I have always found the process of working with nature and finding novel innovative solutions very stimulating and rewarding, and then subsequently interacting with clients and driving a solution to their problem,” said Chris.

Chris has also worked closely with innovative technologies and their incorporation into agriculture. These include: satellite and UAV generated mapping and incorporation, vertical farming, replacement ‘soil’ mediums, imagery and mapping in conjunction with GPS and spatial programs for use in variable rate application, artificial lighting to maximize crop growth plus closed systems.

Based in Queensland, Chris specialises in working with agricultural businesses to identify efficiencies to farm, supply and quality procedures and formulating agronomic strategy and plans for horticulture.