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Roop Sandhu

Roop was brought up on his family’s farm, producing citrus and mangoes, building a foundation in agriculture which has led into a career in the sector.

Roop pursued a degree of Agricultural Sciences at Latrobe University, and has since returned to university to study Agribusiness and Law. His current academic pursuits aim to build understanding of economic and government policy, and its impacts on the Australian agriculture industry

His role as a Horticulture Specialist for Thomas Elder Consulting (TEC) includes agronomy consulting, farm performance analysis and benchmarking, conducting feasibility studies for horticulture and advising on climate risk assessment and adaptation plans for farms.

Roop brings valuable agronomy experience to the TEC team, and has previously had success in optimising high value horticultural crops including avocados, citrus, mangoes, berries and bananas to generate greater revenue for the growers.

Roop’s interests lie in improving the profitability and sustainability of farming business with a whole system approach to farm management. He believes agriculture requires a multidimensional approach to problem solving.

Roop is passionate about educating farmers on the role Integrated Crop Management and Climate Smart solutions can play to enhance all aspects of a production system. He believes that there are significant opportunities for growers who can leverage the available technologies to gain a competitive edge.