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Innovation   |   30 Nov 2020

Tree crop stress management during summer

Roop Sandhu, Business Management – Horticulture   Every 1 per cent reduction in plant stress can significantly improve farm profitability....

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Innovation   |   30 Nov 2020

What is the driver behind the business model?

Bruce Creek, Agriculture Business Management   Agriculture is in a positive cycle, a big part of Australia has had good...

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Innovation   |   30 Nov 2020

Deep soil fix brings yield gains

Neal Stevenson, Agricultural Cropping Consultant   Deep placement of potassium and phosphorous could boost yields for crops like sorghum by...

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Innovation   |   12 Nov 2020

Peeling back the layers on herd performance

Picture a crossbred heifer at weaning, tag #1839. She weighs 310 kilograms, 20kg above the average weight of her peers....

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Events   |   19 Feb 2020

“What’s in it for us?” Producers urge agtech startups to thi...

Farmers have been, and will continue, to adopt agtech innovation and inventions. Despite calls that primary producers are halting the...

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Ag Tech   |   15 Nov 2019

Adopting Change in Viticulture

The only constant in agriculture is change, this is no different for Viticulture and variety is the spice of life....

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Ag Tech   |   25 Oct 2019

The era of Precision Livestock Management

Despite the apparent increase in desire for alternative protein sources, global meat consumption has increased by 2% for sheep, and...

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Ag Tech   |   27 Sep 2019

Building technical excellence, driving practice change and a...

There are many changes and challenges happening across the Australian agricultural landscape impacting productivity and profitability of producers today. These...

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Ag Tech   |   22 Jul 2019

Elders weigh in on precision agriculture

In her article of 22 July 2019, Sharon O’Keeffe of interviewed Elders’ head of technical services, Graham Page about...

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Ag Tech   |   20 Feb 2019

Big Ideas on show at evokeAG

Members of the Thomas Elder Consulting (TEC) team including Head of TEC, Graham Page, Pete Breugem and Bruce Creek were...

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Ag Tech   |   19 Feb 2019

AgTech and the Future

Having spent more than 23 years in the Agriculture industry Graham Page, with an extensive background in agronomy, now heads...

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Ag Tech   |   31 Oct 2018

Elders consultancy arm to fill ag extension gap

1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It...

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