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Carbon farming   |   19 Mar 2021

Considering a soil carbon project? – what you need to know

Soil Organic Carbon represents the largest terrestrial sink for carbon stocks and is directly linked to agricultural productivity – the...

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Technical Documents   |   30 Nov 2020

Tree crop stress management during summer

Roop Sandhu, Business Management – Horticulture   Every 1 per cent reduction in plant stress can significantly improve farm profitability....

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Technical Documents   |   30 Nov 2020

What is the driver behind the business model?

Bruce Creek, Agriculture Business Management   Agriculture is in a positive cycle, a big part of Australia has had good...

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Technical Documents   |   30 Nov 2020

Deep soil fix brings yield gains

Neal Stevenson, Agricultural Cropping Consultant   Deep placement of potassium and phosphorous could boost yields for crops like sorghum by...

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Technical Documents   |   12 Nov 2020

Peeling back the layers on herd performance

Picture a crossbred heifer at weaning, tag #1839. She weighs 310 kilograms, 20kg above the average weight of her peers....

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Innovation   |   15 Oct 2020

Opportunities for agriculture in northern Australia

Northern Queensland could, and should, be an agricultural powerhouse with new crops that cannot be grown in southern Australia, says...

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Consultant Profiles   |   29 Sep 2020

Peter Spies

Mr Spies, who specialises in soil science, agronomy and grazing land management, said nitrogen use efficiency and dissolved inorganic nitrogen...

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Technical Documents   |   13 Aug 2020

Confinement Feeding: Considerations & Strategies for Su...

Seasonal variation, environmental extremes, and changing consumer demands necessitate that livestock producers remain agile in an ever changing and unpredictable...

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Technical Documents   |   27 Jul 2020

Set and forget not best approach for supplementation

Appropriate vitamin and mineral nutrition can ensure optimal immune system function, growth rate and reproductive performance in commercial ruminant production...

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Ag Tech   |   12 Jun 2020

Precision Ag: How to go from jumbled numbers to meaningful a...

Data collected from Precision Agriculture (PA) tools can deliver more insight than ever and yet many producers find themselves faced...

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Technical Documents   |   28 Feb 2020

Fire damage in the vineyard, the road ahead

I am writing this piece as a grape grower with a heavy heart. It will take us years to recover...

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Events   |   19 Feb 2020

“What’s in it for us?” Producers urge agtech startups to thi...

Farmers have been, and will continue, to adopt agtech innovation and inventions. Despite calls that primary producers are halting the...

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