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Technical Documents   |   6 Jun 2021

How to make stylo a weight-gain star

The right choice of legume can add a vital extra 20 to 30kg liveweight gain a year to store cattle,...

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Technical Documents   |   22 Apr 2021

Dealing with pasture dieback

An outbreak of pasture dieback is spreading across eastern Queensland. Thomas Elder Consulting specialist agronomist Peter Spies explores possible causes...

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Technical Documents   |   13 Aug 2020

Confinement Feeding: Considerations & Strategies for Su...

Seasonal variation, environmental extremes, and changing consumer demands necessitate that livestock producers remain agile in an ever changing and unpredictable...

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Technical Documents   |   27 Jul 2020

Set and forget not best approach for supplementation

Appropriate vitamin and mineral nutrition can ensure optimal immune system function, growth rate and reproductive performance in commercial ruminant production...

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Technical Documents   |   28 Feb 2020

Fire damage in the vineyard, the road ahead

I am writing this piece as a grape grower with a heavy heart. It will take us years to recover...

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