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Dan Gall

Daniel is a Precision Agricultural Agronomist for Thomas Elders Consulting (TEC) and brings with him a broad background as a qualified diesel mechanic, and experience with cotton and broadacre cropping.

Having witnessed first-hand the gap in data collection to application on farm, Daniel has built a career around helping Australia’s farmers find solutions using accessible data.

Australia’s farmers too often have access to a sweep of data from their operations, but no directions on how to interpret it for discussion making. Daniel brings 15 years of experience of doing just that.

To put it simply, Daniel identifies business objectives and guides clients from start to finish, through all stages to creating tangible results out of their existing data.

In his role, Daniel is responsible for a broad range of agricultural factors. These include identifying and mapping topographical variability and establishing relationships of drainage on crop yield and quality, providing zonal soil testing, conducting characterisation of soil and statistically analysing relationships between layers of field information. In addition, Daniel provides recommendations and prescriptions for the management of variability within field and farm. He tailors these inputs to characteristics of soils within the identified zones.

Daniel uses farmer-friendly technology to deliver geo-referenced field and zone-specific information for growers to use day-to-day for record keeping and farm management.

Recently, Daniel was involved in a horticulture project funded by HAL and Growcom on Windolf Farms. This project aimed to provide research findings to improve the productivity of a potato enterprise, requiring him to monitor and analyse results using Precision Agriculture methodologies and equipment.