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Translate findings into meaningful farm planning strategies

Our consulting approach leverages the latest research findings, agronomic tools and diagnosis techniques to find solutions for your farm. We proactively work towards long-term growth and productivity goals from a whole-farm perspective.

Identifying disease, soil deficiencies and farming inefficiencies across individual crops or pastures.

Guiding farming activities to align with opportunities for maximum yield and best practice Farm Management solutions.

Providing overarching strategies to sustainably maximise the productivity of any farming enterprise.

Convert complex data from various sources into meaningful, actionable and valuable on-farm strategies.

The fruit, vegetable and nut segment require a wealth of information to ensure that seasonal threats and opportunities are properly managed. Every crop is different, which means each approach is unique.

Improving yield, preventing disease and managing resistance are just some of the key challenges that broad acre farmers are faced with. Farmers need effective strategies for these issues, especially as international and domestic markets continue to grow in demand.

Healthy animals mean happy farmers and profitable farms. Ensuring proper strategies are in place for livestock health are crucial to achieving maximum return.

Unlock the potential of your herd using DNA to measure genetic variation. Genomics enables you to select the highest potential individuals and focus your feed and labour resources on them reaching their potential. Learn more.

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TEC is born from a demand for Australian farmers to have access to technology and research, as well as the ability to translate findings into meaningful farm planning strategies.

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