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Premium agricultural consulting and whole farm management

Maximise returns and achieve long-term, sustainable farm productivity with our data-driven agronomic and livestock production services tailored to your unique needs.

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Agronomic Solutions

Identifying disease, soil deficiencies and farming inefficiencies across individual crops or pastures.

Business Management

Guiding farming activities to align with opportunities for maximum yield and best practice organisation behind the scenes.

Production Planning

Providing overarching strategies to sustainably maximise the productivity of any farming enterprise.

Guide Farm Planning

Convert complex data from various sources into meaningful, actionable and valuable on-farm strategies.​​

Thomas Elder Consulting is a model like no other in the agriculture service industry. Based on science, leveraged with technology and delivered through expertise, TEC provides clients with a premium service that drives towards long-term, sustainable farm profitability.

Our consulting approach leverages the latest research findings, agronomic tools and diagnosis techniques to find solutions for your farm. We proactively work towards long-term growth and productivity goals from a whole-farm perspective.

TEC is born from a demand for Australian farmers to have access to technology and research, as well as the ability to translate findings into meaningful farm planning strategies. Although operating independently, TEC has been built by Elders – Australia’s leading agribusiness.

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Data-driven decision making

Knowledge is power in agribusiness. Planning decisions made in the field have a direct effect on long-term productivity, immediately impacting the sustainability and profitability of any enterprise.

Why would you leave these decisions to chance?

TEC is built on the foundations of strong research through its ties to the Thomas Elder Institute, an industry-leading collaboration between Elders and leading Australian Universities across Australia. We are focused on bringing research initiatives and findings to consultants to ensure all on-farm decisions are backed by science.

Hand-picked, industry-leading consultants

Big business is big responsibility, which is why all of our consultants are considered to be national technical experts. Extensive experience means greater insight into what producers need to ensure their farming enterprises have long-term business viability.

Full independence

Our advice goes beyond product recommendations - it’s based on broad-reaching strategies that will make a difference to long-term productivity. Autonomous advice, fully independent from farm supplies sales and free from supplier affiliations.


The fruit, vegetable and nut segment requires a wealth of information to ensure that seasonal threats and opportunities are properly managed. Every crop is different, which means each approach is unique.


Improving yield, preventing disease and managing resistance are just some of the key challenges that broad acre farmers are faced with. Farmers need effective strategies for these issues, especially as international and domestic markets continue to grow in demand.


With Australia producing some of the finest cotton in the world, our consultants have extensive experience in ensuring this standard is maintained and improved, ideally with less water, fewer chemicals and healthier soil.

Livestock Production

Healthy animals mean happy farmers and profitable farms. Ensuring proper strategies are in place for livestock health are crucial to achieving maximum return.

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